Cecy Correa

Software Engineer living in Austin, TX.

👉 Other talks

Zero to API Hero: Consuming APIs Like a Pro

RailsConf 2016

Just like there’s an app for that, there’s an API for that! But not all APIs are created equal, and some APIs are harder to work with than others. In this talk, I will walk through some common gotchas developers encounter when consuming a 3rd party API. I will explain why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the API you’re consuming prior to coding, as well as share tools to help you get acquainted with an API much faster. Lastly, I will go over debugging and testing the API you’re consuming, because testing is not just for the provider of the API!

Better Hiring Practices for Fun and Profit

RailsConf 2017

The average American worker will have 10 jobs before the age of 40. There’s a great deal of opportunity and mobility in our industry, and yet, our hiring process is anything but pleasant or streamlined. The hiring process is time consuming for both candidates and employers, but we can do better! Let’s explore the ways we can improve the hiring process by writing better job descriptions, utilizing systems that free us from unconscious biases, focusing beyond culture fit, and using better (more fun) technical interviewing methods.

Unix Command Line for Beginners and Non-programmers

TexasCamp 2017

The words “Unix command line” can be intimidating if you are not a developer. Whether you are a designer, QA engineer, product manager, or brand new to coding, there is something for you here!

Getting In: Transitioning Into a Career in Tech

ACT-W Austin 2017

If you are brand new to the tech industry and are wondering how to get started, or transitioning into tech from a different career, this talk is for you!

How I Quit My Job and Became a Programmer in Less Than 5 Months

DrupalCamp North America 2018

In 2012, I got a job at one of the best Drupal agencies in the world as Director of Marketing. I was on top of the world, raising brand awareness, generating leads with dream clients, and getting some much deserved awards for the company.

Building APIs with gRPC, protocol buffers, and PHP

Texas Linux Fest

gRPC is Google’s (open source) answer to Remote Procedure Calls, and it is gaining popularity and momentum for building APIs and microservices, because, well, it’s easy!

The Psychology of Fake News (And What Tech Can Do About It)

RubyConf 2018

Fake news spread six times faster in social media than true stories. As technologists, our industry has built the tools that enable the spread of disinformation across social, the web, and beyond. But fake news is nothing new, it has been a part of each advancement in the technology that powers the spread of information, from the printing press to blogging. What makes fake news so appealing? Is it a tech problem or a human problem? In this talk, I will explain the psychology that makes fake news appealing to our brain, and what technology can learn about this psychology to build better tools.

The Joy of CSS

RailsConf 2019

“I try to avoid it” or “just use !important” are things I hear developers say when it comes to CSS. Writing CSS that yields beautiful websites is an art, just as writing well-organized, reusable CSS is a science. In this talk, we’ll mix both art and science to level up your knowledge of CSS. We’ll revisit the basics to build a stronger CSS foundation. Then, we’ll step it up to SCSS, Flex, and pseudo-classes to build more advanced logic. And lastly, we’ll take a peek at what’s coming next with CSS Variables, Grid, and Houdini. By the end of the talk, you’ll be excited to work on CSS again!